Boyle Excavating Ltd. | PRESS RELEASE: Boyle Excavating clears storm debris in advance of salmon run
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Before with storm debris, After debris cleaned up

08 Aug PRESS RELEASE: Boyle Excavating clears storm debris in advance of salmon run

Clarington July 28, 2017/- The Municipality of Clarington would like to thank local company, Boyle Excavating, who donated heavy equipment and volunteers to clean up debris at the Bowmanville Fishway. On June 22 and 23, 2017, rainfall accumulations at the Bowmanville Creek Watershed reached approximately 70 mm, resulting in high water levels at the Bowmanville Fishway. The excessive rain and flooding left large amounts of woody debris in its wake, essentially leaving the fish ladder unusable.
“Boyle Excavating is a great community partner. They stepped in to help the Municipality and clean up the debris gathered in advance of the salmon run,” said Clarington Deputy Mayor Willie Woo. “The Municipality is grateful to partners who pitch in and actively participate to help our community,” added Deputy Mayor Woo.
Boyle Excavating provided heavy machinery and workforce needed to clean up the area. In general, fish begin arriving at the ladder in August, making the removal of the debris an urgent matter.

Photos above: Woody debris blocks the Bowmanville Fishway (left), Bowmanville Fishway cleared of debris (right)
The Municipality of Clarington thanks all the partners who worked on this community initiative including Boyle Excavating, Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority (CLOCA), Bowmanville Creek Conservation, and Clarington Councillors Ron Hooper and Willie Woo, on this important community-driven project.